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Our Services


Landscape Design and Installation

We will start by listening to your ideas and visions regarding your favorite colors, plant types, needs for space and shade and even your favorite scents. We will use these ideas to create a landscape plan that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle and desire for your home. We will make plant selections for you based on maintenance requirements, seasonal changes, growth expectations and more.

DM Landscaping will seamlessly transform your existing property into the landscape of your dreams, making the outside of your home fit for a magazine.


Landscape Maintenance
Once your landscape is in place, the upkeep and maintenance is just as important to protect your investment. Using the best equipment and our expertise, DM Landscaping will ensure the design concept is not compromised by providing the following services:

  • Fall Clean Up
  • Spring Clean Up & Mulching
  • Aerating
  • Over Seeding
  • Pruning

You can choose from contracted year-round work or as-needed projects, creating a warm and inviting lawn and landscape that will continue to thrive and grow with no concern on your part.


Hardscape Design and Installation
Hardscape designs are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and can extend the square footage of your living space by creating outdoor areas to gather your family and friends. Hardscapes can be constructed from wood, stone, or precast concrete products and include:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Retaining Walls & Walkways
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Trellises
  • Arbors
  • Fire Pits
  • Lighted Pathways
  • Trickling Ponds
  • Permeable Pavers

At DM Landscaping we are skilled installers of permeable and non-permeable paver surfaces. Permeable pavers coupled with the proper water management system can reduce or eliminate site run-off. This results in an environmentally friendly paving solution that can be used for walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

Because of DM Landscapings constant pursuit of excellence, the use of hardscape design will bring your decorative touches and architecture that you love about the inside of your home to the outside. Your yard and home can now become a reflection of your personal taste!


Outdoor Kitchens

One of our favorite design and installation projects is creating outdoor kitchens. We know that outdoor kitchens are often on your wish list and when you are ready to expand your entertaining square footage, we are ready to help!

With Pennsylvania’s three seasons of enjoyable outdoor weather (and it’s four seasons if you include a fire pit and heaters), an outdoor kitchen makes perfect sense. Pavers and retaining walls will set the space apart from your yard. Beautiful stone and brick can be used around your gas grill. We can even add refrigeration, sinks, and anything else you dream up in your outdoor
fantasy kitchen.

Imagine family bar-b-ques, gatherings with friends on a crisp autumn evening to roast marshmallows and play cards, or soaking up the sun with a drink in hand on a warm summer day. All this can be yours, just give us a call today. We will look forward to working with you on your amazing Outdoor Kitchen.


Fence Installation

Once you’ve found the perfect house with the perfect yard, you may wish to add a fence so that the dogs and kids can play safely in your yard or to provide privacy. DM Landscaping will help you design a fence that will match your needs and your style, along with providing installation and maintenance.

Whether it’s a vinyl, wood, or metal, we will see that your fence is secure, built with quality materials and designed to match your home’s exterior. We will incorporate any existing structures you want to keep as well as suggest new and unique ideas to fit your taste and budget.


Tree Services

It is our goal to preserve and care for your trees. We have the ability and equipment to properly prune and care for trees of all sizes. We will educate you on the proper care and maintenance of your trees as well as create maintenance plans that will meet both your needs and your budget.

At DM Landscaping we understand that sometimes in order to redesign your homes exterior, to build additions to your home, or because a tree may be dead or dying, the need might arise to have large trees, shrubs and bushes removed. DM Landscaping has all of the proper equipment and know-how to remove your trees safely and without damage to the surrounding structures, landscape, and utilities.


Hauling and Delivery

Often one of the biggest hurdles that a homeowner faces when investing in a new and improved landscape is what to do with the old, unnecessary or nuisance plants, soil and hardscape. DM Landscaping will take care of this problem for you when you enlist them to haul away your old and deliver the new!

We have the necessary vehicles to carry in large, new, beautiful plants, soil, and stone. No need to call the buddies and pay in food and drinks with the worry of what will make it off the borrowed trucks intact. Our careful staff will ensure that your newly purchased landscape materials will show up at your home just as you pictured them!



Whether you need a small portion of your yard graded for seeding or more extensive excavation to start a new project, we have the knowledge and ability to satisfy your excavation needs. We have the ability to match the right size equipment to your specific job, which allows us to maximize productivity and minimize disturbance to surrounding areas.

We have extensive knowledge of water movement and drainage that allows us to turn that muddy spot in your yard into a useful section of turf or a colorful flower bed. We can convert your yard into the outdoor oasis you always dreamed of having.


Commercial Services

At DM Landscaping we take just as much care and time with your business as we do with your home. We understand that the curb appeal of your storefront will immediately put an image in your customers’ minds as to the quality and care your business will offer.

We offer all of the same residential services to our business customers. Whether it’s landscape maintenance, a redesign of your landscape, hardscape installation, fencing or any other need, we are here to help.

We will gladly set up a schedule to visit your business at regular intervals to ensure quality and beauty all year long. Contact DM Landscaping today to discuss how landscape and hardscape upgrades and maintenance can improve your business.


Erosion Control

Whether your lawn is plagued with a marshy low spot or overwhelming storm run off from surrounding areas, DM Landscaping can create solutions that minimize the effects on your property and increase the appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. We have the ability to remediate failing or abandoned water management systems, stabilize slopes, and maintain them for
future use.